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Fire and Ambulance tend to accident that occurred on US-75 near Spring Creek South - Plano, TX.

KRLD 05/16/2024

US-75 and Spring Creek Rd - Plano, TX - 05-16-2024

Plano, TX: While this car accident looks relatively minor, keep in mind that it doesn't take much to damage a human body.

If you were involved in this accident or an accident similar to this one, give RE Lopez and Morales a call for a free consultation. 469-209-7727.


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Address: 550 E 15th St Suite 200, Plano, TX 75074


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Source: #PLANO  SB 75 at Spring Creek Pkwy..accident blocks 2 right lanes..continuing south, before Park Blvd, another accident blocks 2 right lanes #KRLDTRAFFIC #1080TRAFFIC

Plano, TX: Si bien este accidente automovilístico parece relativamente menor, tenga en cuenta que no se necesita mucho para dañar un cuerpo humano.

Si estuvo involucrado en este accidente o en un accidente similar a este, llame a RE López y Morales para una consulta gratuita. 469-209-7727.

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