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Accidents And The Uninsured

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Accidents involving underinsured and or uninsured drivers will be investigated by your insurance company along with any medical treatments you may require but only if you have requested additional insurance options to protect you against such situations.


Often uninsured drivers have limited resources to began with if they're skipping out on limited liability insurance.


There are exceptions:


Employer: If, during the time of the crash, the driver who hit you was working, their employer may be responsible for your losses. Most employers carry commercial liability policies, even if the employee is driving his or her own vehicle.

Social Host or Business: If a restaurant, store, or bar sold alcohol to a minor or a driver who was already visibly intoxicated, you may be able to seek compensation from them. 


Driver’s Personal Assets: If the driver at fault has no insurance, you could attempt to seek damages from their personal assets. This is rare, as most drivers who lack the financial resources to purchase liability insurance will undoubtably not have the necessary means to cover your losses.


A consultation with R.E. López & Morales can quickly answer any questions you may have regarding your situation involving uninsured drivers.

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