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4 Vehicle Accident on US-75 near Arapaho

KRLD Twitter - 07/28/2023

US-75 and Arapaho - Richardson, TX 07-28-2023

Richardson, TX: A lot of accidents happen on the HOV lanes, usually due to impatient drivers trying to cut into the HOV lane. If you were injured in this accident, please call 469-209-7727 for a free consultation!

#RICHARDSON SB 75 at Arapaho--accident blocks HOV & left lane

Richardson, TX: Muchos accidentes ocurren en los carriles HOV, generalmente debido a conductores impacientes que intentan ingresar al carril HOV. Si resultó herido en este accidente, llame al 469-209-7727 para una consulta gratuita. #RICHARDSON SB 75 en Arapaho - accidente bloquea HOV y carril izquierdo

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