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Three pickup trucks hit each other on I-30

KRLD Radio - - 08/07/2023

IH-30 and IH-45-75 Interchange - Dallas, TX - 08-07-2023

Dallas, TX: Monday morning traffic begins with a bad start when 3 pickup trucks were involved in an accident. It may be the case that the red truck had stalled forcing the two black trucks into a bad situation. If you were involved in this accident, give us a call at 469-209-7727 for a free consultation.

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#DALLAS EB 30 at 45/75 interchange--accident blocks 2 left lanes #KRLDTRAFFIC#1080TRAFFIC

Dallas, TX: El tráfico de la mañana del lunes comienza mal cuando 3 camionetas se vieron involucradas en un accidente. Puede darse el caso de que el camión rojo se haya parado, obligando a los dos camiones negros a una mala situación. Si estuvo involucrado en este accidente, llámenos al 469-209-7727 para una consulta gratuita.

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