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Five Car accident reported in Plano just minutes ago.

KRLD Twitter: 01/17/2024

US-75 and Spring Creek Pkwy - Plano, TX - 01-17-2024

Plano, TX: Complicated accidents such as this one can lead to messy legal issues with insurance companies. Who's at fault, who pays what? Legal representation is all but required in situations like this one.

If you were involved in this accident or an accident similar to this one, give RE Lopez and Morales a call for a free consultation. 469-209-7727.


We have offices in both Dallas and Fort Worth metroplexes for your convenience.


Address: 550 E 15th St Suite 200, Plano, TX 75074


Address: 400 E Weatherford St 204, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Source: Messy situation in Plano - Wreck on South 75. #plano #allen #trafficalert

Plano, TX: Accidentes complicados como este pueden generar problemas legales complicados con las compañías de seguros. ¿Quién tiene la culpa, quién paga qué? La representación legal es prácticamente necesaria en situaciones como ésta.

Si estuvo involucrado en este accidente o en un accidente similar a este, llame a RE López y Morales para una consulta gratuita. 469-209-7727.

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