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The Fastest Speeding Tickets Issued In Texas Will Make Your Heart Race

By KAJA Dani Medina

Despite the dangers of speeding and the strict penalties for breaking the speed limit, Texas drivers continue to push the pedal to the metal . Let's not forget that Texas is also home to the highest legal speed limit in the country, the 85-mph Pickle Parkway near Austin. has compiled a list of the fastest speeding tickets issued in the state in 2022 — and it might get your heart racing a bit. Here's what they said about their list:

Since has been compiling these lists since 2017, this 2022 edition sees "some of the fastest drivers" to date.

As far as the Texas data goes, the website notes that "this data is from the Texas Highway Patrol, so it's mostly covering the long highways across Texas rather than roads under the purview of smaller municipalities."

Of the top 206 speeding tickets in the entire state, they were all driving at least 124 mph. Twenty-five of those drivers were clocked driving 140 mph or faster. Here's a look at the five fastest speeding tickets in 2022:

  1. 201 mph in a 75 mph zone (1-10 in Gonzales County)

  2. 155 mph in a 70 mph zone (Sam Rayburn Tollway in Collin County)

  3. 150 mph in a 75 mph zone (I-69C in Hidalgo County)

  4. 150 mph in a 65 mph zone (SH-228 in Brazoria County)

  5. 150 mph in a 70 mph zone (George Bush Turnpike in Dallas County)

Check out the full report to see dates, car makes and models and exact coordinates of each traffic stop.

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