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Talk Traffic to Me: Pedestrian safety tips for walkers and drivers

In 2020, highway officials ranked Dallas fifth in pedestrian deaths in comparison to other big cities.

Author: Tashara Parker, Makenzie Kenny Published: 8:52 AM CDT April 3, 2023 Updated: 8:52 AM CDT April 3, 2023

DALLAS — The TXDOT "Be Safe. Drive Smart." pedestrian and bicyclist safety campaign may have just ended with the conclusion of March, but these lessons can keep our communities safe all year round!

The campaign urges Texans to know and follow the state's traffic laws for safe driving, walking and biking.

For North Texas, this is an important reminder.

In 2020, highway officials ranked Dallas fifth in pedestrian deaths compared to other big cities.

The Dallas City Council passed the "Vision Zero" plan last summer, which promises safer streets -- with the goal of having zero traffic deaths by 2030.

According to a report from the city auditor's office, the city had seven transportation workers responsible for all crosswalk maintenance in Dallas at that time.

The report also shows the city council had lowered the budget by more than $400,000 dollars from 2016 to 2022.

TXDOT numbers show 935 people died in pedestrian and bike-related crashes in 2021 – which accounted for one of every five deaths on state roadways that year.

According to department data, those numbers grew from 34% to 58% over the five year period from 2017 to 2022.

Some of TXDOT’s tips to best stay alert and watch out for each other include driver needing to slow down when coming up to crosswalks.

The department suggests to always stay aware around buses or parked cars – and for drivers to stay off your phones!

Aside from always use sidewalks and crosswalks, pedestrians should try to make eye contact with drivers before crossing, never assume they're going to stop.

Doing some of these things could prevent unthinkable tragedies on Texas roads, so do your part and be safe!

As always, if you have a traffic concern in your area, you can email us here.

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