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SH-121 and Stone Myers - Emergency vehicles on Scene.

KRLD Twitter: 11/16/2023

SH-121 and Stone Myers - Grapevine, TX - 11-16-2023

Grapevine, TX: Emergency vehicles on are scene of an accident that left one vehicle in the median.

If you were involved in this accident, give RE Lopez and Morales a call for a free consultation. 469-209-7727.

We have offices in both Dallas and Fort Worth metroplexes for your convenience.

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Source: Grapevine - wreck on south 121 just past split with 360 causing delay. #grapevine#colleyville#trafficalert

Grapevine, TX: Vehículos de emergencia en el lugar de un accidente que dejó a un vehículo en la mediana.

Si estuvo involucrado en este accidente, llame a RE López y Morales para una consulta gratuita. 469-209-7727.
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