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Roadway Safety Highlighted During April

By Irving Journal Staff

| Published April 10, 2023

Safety is a crucial component of regional transportation every minute of every day, but the issue is highlighted in April. That's when the National Safety Council reminds people of the importance of paying attention behind the wheel with Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

Work Zone Awareness Week will be celebrated April 17-21. This is a week especially important in Dallas-Fort Worth, where billions of dollars are being spent to improve the reliability of the transportation system to accommodate the region's fast growth. The Regional Transportation Council continues its emphasis on improved safety across the entire system through its policies and projects.

Advances in data can also help keep drivers and workers safe in work zones. Accurate information about the location and configuration of work zones can help guide both human-driven and automated vehicles safely. Statewide, there was a 33% increase in work zone-related traffic fatalities in 2021 over the previous year, according to TxDOT.

NCTCOG has accelerated the reporting of work zone information in the Work Zone Data Exchange protocol by selecting a series of vendors through a cooperative procurement in its TXSHARE program.

NCTCOG's Transportation Department initiated the procurement process to make data exchange reporting tools available to roadway operators in Dallas-Fort Worth. Those responsible for operating local roadways can join TxDOT in reporting work zones.

The procurement was conducted through NCTCOG’s TXSHARE program. Public agencies across the US can use these data exchange contracts without having to go through their own procurement process from scratch.

NCTCOG’s Transportation Department is hosting a Work Zone Data Exchange roundtable from 8:30-10 am Friday, April 28, virtually and in person at NCTCOG’s Arlington offices, 616 Six Flags Drive. For more information, visit

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