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North Texas Prepares for Upcoming Winter Weather

By Sophia Beausoleil Published January 29, 2023 Updated on January 30, 2023 at 12:03 am

North TX - Temperatures began to dip on Sunday, a preview of what's to come at the beginning of the week as freezing rain is expected in the forecast.

Slick roads are one of the major concerns for the next 72 hours, which is why the Texas Department of Transportation, TxDOT, said crews have been treating the roadways with brine, a salt and water mixture, for the last couple of days.

"We pretreated our elevated surfaces, those are the ones that are most vulnerable to icy conditions, they’re not insulated by the ground, so that’s going to be our focus, and we’re going to continue monitoring and treating them," said Val Lopez, a spokesperson for the Fort Worth district of TXDOT.

He said the best solution would be for people to stay off the roadways but said if people do have to drive, to take their time, keep a good distance from other cars be careful on elevated surfaces, like bridges and overpasses.

Meanwhile, some grocery shoppers added to their usual list and decided to buy extra food just in case.

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