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Jackknifed 18-wheeler slams into Fort Worth police car, disabled vehicle

By FOX 4 Staff Published March 1, 2023 2:57PM Fort Worth FOX 4

FORT WORTH, Texas - Fort Worth police have just released dashcam footage of a jackknifing 18-wheeler that smashed into a police cruiser and a disabled vehicle during last month's ice storm.

On Feb. 2, the officers were responding to an accident in the eastbound lanes of I-20, when they stopped to check on the vehicles, the patrol car was hit by the trailer of the jack-knifing 18-wheeler.

Only one officer was inside the vehicle at the time.

He got out of the car and avoided being hit by a second big rig, with the help of the second officer.

The pair then had to make their way to the median to avoid being hit by a third 18-wheeler, which also hit the cruiser.

In the new dashcam video, you can clearly see the third crash.

The officers are standing in the median as the tractor-trailer smashes into the two vehicles and then the protective fencing.

Police also released the dashcam footage from the cruiser that was hit.

It shows the vehicle being struck by three 18-wheelers in less than 4 minutes.

One officer suffered a head injury, the other had an ankle injury. Both were released from the hospital within a day.

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