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Fatal Crash Involving Teen Girls Who Stole Alcohol and Skipped School on Walkout Day

Alinaty -

A group of teenage girls in Irving, Texas, were involved in a tragic single-car rollover crash after stealing alcohol and vaping THC on National School Walkout Day. The incident left one girl dead and two others seriously injured. The girls, all 15 years old, left Singley Academy in protest against gun violence on Wednesday and were caught on safety camera stealing drunk fruit drinks from a nearby grocery store.

According to Officer Robert Reeves with Irving police, the automobile only had a front driver seat, leaving the other four passengers to sit on the bottom of the car's metal frame without any seatbelts. The driver was reportedly speeding when she lost control of the vehicle, hitting a tree and rolling several times.

One of the passengers was removed from the car and died at the scene, while two others suffered severe injuries. The other two passengers left the scene and did not call 911, police said. Toxicology results for the driver are still pending, and charges are pending for the driver and the other passenger who left the scene.

The student killed in the crash attended Singley Academy, and the school released a statement expressing condolences to the family and the entire Irving ISD community. The school was aware of the planned walkout but could not prohibit students from taking part and had implemented plans for students to use their voices safely on campus.

The tragic accident has raised concerns about the safety of minors during school protests and the importance of teaching students responsible behavior. "No one should have to bury their children," Officer Reeves said. "The other families are impacted by how the injuries their children have occurred or the possible legal issues their child may be facing."

The incident is a reminder of the risks of underage drinking, drug use, and reckless driving and the importance of educating teenagers about the potential consequences of their actions. The school has made additional counselors available for students and staff affected by the loss. The community is coming together to mourn the loss of a young life and support those impacted by the tragedy.

In conclusion, the story of the Irving teens who stole alcohol, vaped THC, and were involved in a fatal crash on National School Walkout Day serves as a sobering reminder of the dangers of underage drinking, drug use, and reckless driving. The incident has left one family mourning the loss of their child and the community reeling from the tragedy. It highlights the need for responsible behavior and education among teenagers and for communities to support them during grief.

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