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Dallas weather: Temperatures to rise above freezing Thursday; roads still icy in spots

By Evan Andrews , Dan Godwin and Shannon Murray - Winter Weather - FOX 4

DALLAS - An Ice Storm Warning remains in effect for much of North Texas Thursday morning. Thankfully, temperatures are expected to rise above freezing by midday.

Particularly in Tarrant County and the western portions of North Texas, many roads are still very slick. In Dallas County, things are more wet and slushy.

"Dallas County is pretty much fine, although we still have some buildup on trees and power lines," said FOX 4 Meteorologist Evan Andrews. "Everybody to the west of DFW where it’s still 30 degrees and a couple of 29s, while roads are basically wet, they’re still getting rid of some of the ice. Those trees and power lines will still accumulate ice over the next couple of hours."

The freezing rain and rain are expected to taper off before 10 a.m. The rain may pick up again Thursday afternoon but by that time temperatures should be around 35 degrees.

Going into Friday, there’s no precipitation in the forecast. But any roads that are still wet could refreeze during the overnight hours.

The highs are in the low 50s on Friday. And then we warm up to the high 50s on Saturday and mid-60s on Sunday.

FOX 4’s Dan Godwin drove to Fort Worth from Dallas on Interstate 30 Thursday morning.

It was raining and just below freezing at the time, but the rain was not turning to ice when it hit the ground. It was remaining in liquid form.

While it seemed to be helping the roads a bit, many bridges and overpasses remained icy.

The conditions are still dangerous in some spots and drivers should still use caution.

"On the way out here this morning, some lanes along the freeway were looking close to normal. You just saw wet pavement. But along the side lanes there was still lots of slush built up with no doubt some ice mixed in," Dan said.

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