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Dallas weather: Roads refreeze overnight leading to dangerous driving conditions

By Evan Andrews , Chip Waggoner and FOX 4 Staff - Severe Weather-FOX 4

DALLAS - After a day of melting on Thursday, temperatures fell back below freezing overnight leaving roads for the Friday morning commute dangerously slick.

Black ice has led to several crashes on highways across the Metroplex, especially to the west.

Fort Worth police released a statement in the early morning hours asking drivers to not go out on the roads unless it is necessary.

"Road conditions have deteriorated significantly since sunset yesterday and roadways have iced over again making travel extremely treacherous," the statement said.

The Fort Worth Department of Transportation and Public Works and TxDOT said they are installing barricades and sanding roads to try to make them passable for morning drivers.

Fort Worth police reported two fatal crashes just before midnight. One driver died crashing into a disabled vehicle at Highway 360 and Highway 186. About 40 minutes before that, another driver died after crashing into a disabled vehicle that was in the process of being moved off the road near Highway 287 and East Berry Street.

Garland police reported a fatal accident on the westbound LBJ Freeway at Jupiter Road Friday morning. That freeway remains shut down and traffic is being redirected.

Numerous 18-wheelers have stalled on the roads.

Some crashes have even involved fire trucks, ambulances and police cars.

The FOX 4 Weather Team said conditions should improve throughout the day, with temperatures creeping back above freezing at 9 a.m.

"Once we get past 9 o'clock we should be in better shape once the sun comes out and works on the pavement," said FOX 4 meteorologist Evan Andrews.

The majority of schools across North Texas will be closed Friday. Dallas ISD had planned to start on a 2-hour delay, but decided to cancel after seeing the conditions in the morning.

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